Sneak-peak beneath the hood

It was over a year ago that we first began shipping our customisable Modular 4K 4×4 HDMI video matrix. Since then, a lot more customisable matrices have been brought to market from other leading manufacturers, meaning there is more choice than ever when it comes to choosing a matrix that you can bespoke-build to your desired specification.

Yet  one year on we remain confident that if you take a glimpse under the hood of our Modular 4K 4×4 HDMI matrix, you’ll see the top-of-the-range hardware components and design ingenuity that make it the top dog and natural choice for professional installers. If you’re still not convinced, and are heading to CEDIA 2014 in Denver, then you can drop-by, talk to us and see Modular 4K in action at Booth #1383.


No cards. Only Modules.

Other manufacturers tend to use card-based systems for their customisable matrices. Not us. We have a patented tray-based system for input and output modules. What’s neat about this is that, unlike with card-based systems, you can completely remove the modules from the chassis without taking the lid off.

There’s no need to return the chassis to us and take the unit out of action whilst you’re waiting to upgrade a module from HDMI to HDBaseT, for example. We simply send the new module out to you. You can load the modules yourselves whilst you’re in field– just push it in on the guide rail and the job’s done. For US installers who, from September 2014, can order Modular from WAVE Electronics, we supply you with a two-page quick-start guide on how to load the modules into your system.



Modular’s 100W power supply boards have been designed and manufactured from scratch in Wales by Vishay. There is an optional redundant power supply, which we recommend installers take advantage of, as it can greatly reduce downtime. If, for example, a power surge shuts down the first power supply, Modular can automatically reboot and default to using the second power supply. This is a great feature for businesses, like sports bars for instance, whose ability to deliver uninterrupted media is critical to their success. Modular’s redundant PSU means punters aren’t left staring at a blank screen and you aren’t forced to put in a support call or make an expensive call-out.

Cool, collected and 4K-capable.

In designing Modular we accommodated in the future for the integration of two fans but, if we’re honest, these aren’t really needed because the heat dissipation in this unit is virtually unrivalled. A six layer silicon board, as opposed to the usual four-layer board, allows us to fit more electrical components into the same amount of space, whilst guaranteeing optimum heat dissipation. Modular’s backplane is built on 340MHz silicon integrated chips that are assembled in the UK. So, on-board you’ve got full 4K 60 Hz 8Bit-colour support.


Design and metalwork.

When it came to designing the exterior of the chassis, we wanted to go back to basics and present integrators with something that they and their clients would think looks good. We were also aware that a lot of installers were becoming increasingly frustrated with the quality of matrices built in the Far-East. A pressed steel casing is used for every Modular chassis. The chassis is assembled in Britain, meaning that we can be certain of a rock-solid unit construction. We recognise that build quality is key to a mission-critical device like a matrix, which is why we sought to locate so much of the manufacturing process on home soil. With every Modular system we offer customers a 3-year guarantee, because these British designed and manufactured systems are quite literally built to last.

Modular is a sophisticated HDMI matrix, but it’s free of the clutter you typically see on others. There are no dip switches, cheap plastic buttons or nasty graphics.  The royal blue design stands out and looks great when mounted in a 19” rack.


HDBaseT receiver design. 

Both our Pro (Class A) and Lite (Class B) HDBaseT receivers are compact, fanless designs powered by the chassis (PoH), eliminating unattractive wall wart power supplies from the equation. The Lite receivers are formed from ultra-lightweight polycarbonate whilst the Pro receivers are made from rolled steel casing.

Yet what truly makes Modular stand out as a system is its ability to be remotely monitored via our web-accessed Command Centre as well as configured, programmed and updated (firmware) via webOS, our first-of-a kind browser-accessed operating system. To learn more about these keep an eye on our blog early next week or visit us at CEDIA Denver, Booth#1383.

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