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If you are a trade customer looking to get into doing large-scale, multizone HDTV installs or live events that require multiple displays and even video walls, then HDMI over IP products for Just Add Power are ideal for these types of projects. You can see Just Add Power 2G and 2G+ products in action at ISE 2015- on stand 5-R114 and chat to a HD Connectivity sales representative to spec a job. First though, check out the awesome feature set and audio capabilities and find out a bit more about how HDMI over IP technology.


What is HDMI over IP?

HDMI over IP from Just Add Power is a network-based HD video distribution system that is ideal for integrators delivering large-scale, multi-zone HDTV and video wall projects.  Unlike fixed format HDMI matrices, HD over IP from Just Add Power lets you create a network of HDMI devices that is scalable to the exact size you require, from 1×1 up to 4,000 x 65,000. Using a Video Wall App, 2G and 2G+ products from Just Add Power let you support video walls up to 16×16 in size, making them great for sports bar and nightclub installs. HD over IP can send up to 1080p video and audio signals to multiple HDMI displays over a single Cat 5e / 6 / 7 cable Ethernet infrastructure.

Every HD/IP system requires a one Gigabit Managed Ethernet switch that sits at the heart of the project creating a HD over IP distribution network capable of source splitting and switching. One transmitter per source device is needed to encode the HDMI sources for distribution over the HD/IP network. One receiver per display is necessary to decode the source devices from the HD/IP network to a HDMI output, for connection to a display.

Do video walls

An unbeatable, constantly growing feature set

Every generation of Just Add Power HD over IP products has more features than the last. 2G and 2G+ products can be mixed and matched within the same network of devices, meaning you can take advantage of the added features of 2G+ models as and when they are needed. The soon-to-be released 2G+AVP models have new audio mixing capabilities between HDMI audio and multiple analog audio sources, as well as Dolby licensing with Dolby 2 channel down mix, and IP controlled variable analog audio out.

push pull play


Image push and pull features 

Image push allows you to push a JPEG image onto any or all of the 2G/2G+ receivers. This includes support for storing multiple JPEG images on the receivers, allowing these HD/IP devices to function as digital signage players. If the network goes down, the saved picture(s) can automatically be shown instead of an annoying blank screen.

Image pull 

You can pull a BMP picture from the 2G/2G+ transmitters or receivers. This ability to take a HDMI ‘snapshot’ allows the owner to be certain what is being shown anywhere on the HDMI over IP network at all times. The below video shows how Image Pull looks when using Control4.

Some other features include…….

analog audio multichannelaudioOSDRS232 USB 2.0

What about control?

A HDMI over IP system can be set up on a gigabit network in a static configuration and left to operate that way. But if you want to go further and gain control over the HDMI network, you can make use of an array of thirty party pieces of software and hardware. Just Add Power HDMI over IP matrix distribution system uses standard network protocols.

Primary drivers cover AMX, Control4, Crestron, RTI and Elan. These drivers are available to control  a range of specified network switches including Cisco SG300, Pakedge S28P, and Netgear GSM7000 products. Along with stacked switch support for Cisco SG500 switches, Just Add Power have ready made drivers for even the largest of applications (up to 400 HDIP devices). They also have less advanced drivers available for most other control system platforms including URC and Savant. Where there isn’t driver to suit your project, we can work with you to build it.



Instead of using third party hardware, complete control from a PC, MAC or Linux computer is possible via off-the shelf software from Just Add Software. Mediaswitcher, designed and built specifically for the HDMI over IP product range, is a cost effective way to get control of a HDMI network. It supports a wide array of network switches from Cisco, Netgear, HP and Pakedge. Mediaswitcher also has the option of web-based access from any network connected device with a web browser with the Mediaswitcher Web add-on, allowing a quick and easy to use interface from iPad, iPhone, Android or other computer hardware. Mediaswitcher also has the ability to setup and control video walls as part of the HDMI network via the Mediaswitcher Video Wall add-on.

As an extension to these software options, we have an off the shelf web server solution. Allowing web browser enabled devices to access a system via pass-codes and change the setup of the HDMI network. Designed for shop fronts and other commercial applications, it provides the base from which we can build fully branded and customised solutions for commercial applications. Where this doesn’t suit the project at hand, Just Add Power’s software team is ready to quote for “ground up” software builds to make the HDMI network accessible in exactly the way you want.

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