How to install a multiroom TV system from HDanywhere

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A multiroom HDTV system, or HDMI over Cat 6 matrix as they’re sometimes called, are surprisingly quick and easy to install once you’ve run the necessary cabling. Once installed in your home, you can hide the central hub of a multiroom system in a cupboard, on a shelf in an entertainment centre or in a dedicated AV equipment rack. The display receivers meanwhile tuck neatly in behind your TVs.

Before you order your system you’ll need:

1) Quality Cat 6 cabling run throughout your home.

You must run a single Cat 6 cable between the central hub of the multiroom HDTV system and each room that has a TV. If you’re new to DIY home tech, then it might be an idea to contact a professional HDanywhere installer using our Installer Network to install Cat 6 cabling in your home. This is because Cat 6 cabling needs to be installed and terminated to a high standard if you want your system to perform flawlessly. Poorly installed Cat 6 cabling can increase the chances of you experiencing problems with your mutlrioom HDTV system.

If you want to install the Cat 6 cabling yourself, then please thoroughly read our DIY Wiring Guidelines.



2) Make sure you’ve chosen the right system

All of our multiroom HDTV systems are different. The main difference between them is that some support 4K resolutions / 4K devices and some only support devices and TVs with a maximum resolution of 1080p. You also need to think about what the longest length of Cat 6 cable is that you have installed in your property. Some of our systems are designed to work with Cat 6 cables up to a maximum distance of 50m, whereas other can let you have longer Cat 6 cables installed up to 100m.

The best way to see which HDanywhere multiroom HDTV system can best meet your requirements is to use our product selector. Also carefully compare the product specs of all our currently multiroom HDTV systems.

3)Think about how you’re going to control your multiroom HDTVsystem.


There are various control options, many of which are free. With every HDanywhere multiroom system a small remote and IR kit is included. The small remote lets you switch between which HDMI entertainment device you’re watching at each TV. You can purchase extra small remotes if you require them. Alternatively you can use the free HDanywhere Control App to switch between which device you’re watching in all of your rooms from the comfort of your smart phone or tablet.

Both the small matrix remote and the HDanywhere Control App should be used in conjunction with the IR kit provided. The IR kit should be installed alongside the matrix and will let you use your Sky box remote, for example, to control your Sky box as normal from any room in your home. The IR kit allows you to use all your various set top box / device remote controls just as you normally would at every TV that is connected to your multiroom HDTV system.

How to connect up your multiroom HDTV system


Central hub of an mHub 2K (4×4) multiroom system.

1.Do not turn the multiroom HDTV system on yet. Power off your TVs and your HDMI source devices that you plan to connect to the system.

2. Connect your HDMI sources to the HDMI inputs on the central hub using high-speed HDMI cables no longer than 5 meters in length.

3. If you are connecting a nearby or “local” display or AVR using the HDMI mirror ports. Connect your display/AVR to this port with a HDMI cable.

3. Now connect your Cat 6 cable to the Cat output port on the central hub and the cat input port of each of your display receivers.


Display receiver for an mHub 2K (4×4) HDanywhere multiroom system. One of these sits behind each of your TVs.

4. Connect your TVs or projectors to the HDMI output port on the display receiver using a HDMI cable no longer than 5 meters in length.

5. Plug in the power supplies for the central hub and, if applicable, plug in the power supplies for each display receiver.

6. Power on your HDMI source devices followed by each TV / projector.

8. At this point the TVs should show the video and audio of the HDMI source devices connected to the matrix.

For advice on setting up your IR kit alongside your matrix , see your specific product’s manual. Alternatively, read the general advice on installing IR for mHub multiroom systems.

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