4K with HDR over IP is easy to install & now cheaper than ever before (View as webpage)

VLAN vs. IGMP systems

A comparison between VLANs used by Just Add Power and IGMP which is used by everone else.

VLANs easily exceed 16 transmitters.

The use of VLANs allows Just Add Power to retain a full 1Gbps of bandwidth at all times for each source device on the HDMI network.

IGMP broadcasts to every receiver which is less effecient and more stressful for the switch to manage.


Limitless HDMI matrixing



Available now: new HD over IP transmitter & receivers. Both models carry PoE, can deliver 4K resolutions with HDR/1080p with scalers + HDCP 2.2 and support all audio formats including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.


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3G models are now cheaper and more affordable than ever before

Use our setup wizard to configure
your HD over IP network in minutes

Setup your HD over IP netork in minutes using your wizard called JADConfig

No restrictions means bigger project scope

Just Add Power’s 3G platform has been installed in to the coveted Zoopla Headquarters in London, UK. Unlike competitors using IGMP as their backbone, J+P use VLANs meaning that  there are no restrictions on the number of source devices which can be added ensuring that installs are completely future-proofed.


Just Add Power is installed in Zoopla head quarters in London. A massive 21x50 matrix using the 3G platform.

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